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Instant VB: C# to VB Converter

Your task of converting C# to VB.NET just got a lot easier.  Our Instant VB C# to VB.NET converter will save you countless hours of painstaking work.  Instant VB produces great VB code and saves valuable time.

Free Edition

Use the Free Edition of our C# to VB.NET converter to convert C# to VB in project or folder conversions up to 2000 lines at a time and code snippet conversions up to 200 lines at a time.

Order the Standard Edition

Purchase the Standard Edition of our Instant VB C# to VB.NET converter for $159 US on our order page.

Key Benefits

The Most Comprehensive C# to VB.NET Converter

Note: "unsafe" code blocks and types are not converted.

Additional Resources

Check out Tim Patrick's great book: "C# – Visual Basic Bilingual Dictionary", the most comprehensive comparison of Visual Basic and C# that we've seen:

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