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Java Equivalent to VB SortedDictionary

The nearly exact Java equivalent to the .NET SortedDictionary collection is the TreeMap collection.

VB Java
Imports System.Collections.Generic

Sub SortedDictionaries()
    Dim map As New SortedDictionary(Of String, Integer)()
    Dim s As String = "test"
    map.Add(s, 1)
    Dim i As Integer = map(s)
    i = map.Count
    Dim b As Boolean = map.Count = 0
End Sub
void SortedDictionaries()
    java.util.TreeMap<String, Integer> map = new java.util.TreeMap<String, Integer>();
    String s = "test";
    map.put(s, 1);
    int i = map.get(s);
    i = map.size();
    boolean b = map.isEmpty();

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