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VB Equivalent to Java Casts

The closest VB equivalent to the standard Java casting operator is the DirectCast operator.  However, use of this operator is invalid in many cases where standard Java casting is used:


This Java code works fine:
i = (int)someDouble;

but the following VB code will not compile:
i = DirectCast(someDouble, Integer)

For this reason, the more reliable equivalent in VB is the CType operator and the related shortcut VB operators (CInt, CBool, etc.).

A further complication is that Java integer casts always truncate, while the VB integer conversion operators always round.  For this reason, in order to achieve the same results as the Java casts, a call to the .NET Math.Truncate function is required prior to the call to the CInt, CLng, and CShort operators when converting Java integer casts.


This Java code:
i = (int)someDouble;

has this VB equivalent:
i = CInt(Math.Truncate(someDouble))

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