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For information on converting between VB and C# on ASP.NET pages, converting from VB6 to C#, converting from VB6 to Java, and converting from VB6 to C++, click here.

Tips on Converting Between VB and C#

Want some tips on converting between VB and C#?  Check out the article, "Convert Between VB.NET and C#" in Visual Studio Magazine's June 2005 issue by Dave Doknjas, President of Tangible Software Solutions Inc.  Click on the VSM logo to view the online version of this article:

VS Magazine: Convert Between VB.NET and C#

Dr. Dobb's .NET Cast:  Translating .NET to .NET

Click on Dr. Dobb's logo to listen to Tangible Software Solutions Inc.'s President, Dave Doknjas, as he discusses converting .NET applications from VB to C#, or C# to VB with an overview of the challenges of translating .NET languages.

Dr. Dobb's: Translating .NET to .NET

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