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About Us

Tangible Software Solutions is a privately held corporation founded in 1997.  We are a software development and consulting firm specializing in source code conversion tools and source code conversion projects.  We offer the most accurate and reliable source code conversion utilities on the market today: Instant C#, Instant VB, C++ to C# Converter, C++ to Java Converter, C++ to Python Converter, C# to Java Converter, Java to C# Converter, C# to C++ Converter, Java to C++ Converter, Java to Python Converter, and C# to Python Converter.

Everyone at Tangible Software Solutions is proud of the high quality products and services that we provide.  We are equally proud of our commitment to provide extremely responsive Technical Support to our customers.  We recognize that our success is based on the success of the partnership that we share with our customers; and thus, take seriously every communication we have with our customers and view them as opportunities to make our products and services even better and our customers' experience a satisfying and successful one.

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