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Instant VB – Our C# to VB.NET Converter

Instant VB produces a high-quality C# to VB conversion, saving you hours of painstaking work and valuable time.

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"After investigating various web and client translators, Instant VB from Tangible Software Solutions won hands-down. If you're converting from C# to VB.NET, Instant VB IS the tool for your project."

– Mark Worden, Software Engineer, Accenture

"Instant VB is THE best C# to VB converter tool that we've found. We're using it to convert our samples and reference applications to provide code in both C# and VB, and it saves us a ton of time."

– J. Ambrose Little, Infragistics, Inc.

"For anyone who needs to convert code on a regular basis (or even one large one-off job) Instant VB and Instant C# are without doubt the best translation tools on the market."

– Dom Sinclair, View To Learn

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Q:   Are the original C# files altered in any way?

Your existing code is left completely intact. The new VB.NET project is output to the new location that you specify.

Q:   What version of C# is converted?

We attempt to convert as much as possible and are continually updating the converter to handle newer C# features. However, many new C# features have no VB equivalent so the output will require adjustments.

Q:   Can the converter produce VB6 code?

No - only VB.NET code is produced.

Q:   Do you guarantee a 100% complete conversion?

No - our accuracy is very high, but there will be some adjustments required for all but the simplest conversions. Read the rest of the FAQ to get an idea of a few things that are not converted.

Q:   What type of code is not converted?

Q:   What are the most common adjustments necessary after conversion?

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