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"I am blown away by how well Instant C# and Instant VB work.  Put in a fairly complex program in one language and in seconds you have a fully converted program.  With one or two tests, I had to tinker for up to 30 seconds to get a few bits fixed, but this works as advertised, and is highly recommended."

– Jesse Liberty, Best-selling author

"Recently I've been playing with a set of tools from Tangible Software Solutions: Instant VB and Instant C#.  I have been very skeptical of language conversion tools.  Now I'm not ready to say that Instant VB or Instant C# are perfect, but they are pretty darn good. Better still, I have been providing feedback to Tangible about what I wish was different, and the speed at which they have responded by improving the tools is excellent!  The thing is, the time savings for me is tremendous. But what makes me write this is the fact that the resulting code really does look like the kind of code you'd write by hand - and for me that's the true test."

– Rockford Lhotka, Best-selling author

"I found Instant C# and Instant VB to be surprisingly good!  I'd definitely recommend these products to others who need conversion functionality."

– Matthew MacDonald, Microsoft MVP, Best-selling author, and writer for developer journals

"I've been using Instant C# and Instant VB for more than a decade. Back then, VB was still my primary language, so I used Instant C# as a learning tool because it let me see my own code in both languages side-by-side. This made learning C# dramatically easier because the code I was seeing was my own. In addition to converting entire projects, I used it to write new code snippets in VB, then see what the C# equivalents were. As my C# skills improved, it became my primary language for new projects and I no longer needed it to "teach" me C#, but as a way to instantly move chunks of code from old projects into my new projects. Things have gone full circle. Now that I'm primarily a C# programmer, I use Instant VB to convert chunks of my new code to work in older projects."

– Joe Crescenzi, Software Developer - IdeaOfTheDay.Com

"Dave at Tangible Solutions provided us with outstanding support, resolving dozens of tricky issues we had with converting our Java code base to C# using the Tangible Java to C# converter. We worked with Dave for only a few weeks to get this right, and we're thrilled with the result.

"During our collaboration, Dave typically resolved new issues within 24 hours or less. He continuously provided great support throughout the process, until we solved all critical issues. Dave also pushed the bar on the quality of the converted code. As a result, the Tangible Java to C# Converter now provides a very robust, sustainable solution. The converter has become an invaluable tool we use to reliably convert our constantly evolving Java code base to C#."

– Ayman Mahfouz, VP of Engineering, Webalo, Inc.

"I wanted to compliment you on a very easy to use, accurate, and helpful product.  I was able to port some utilities over from VB6 to VB.NET using the upgrade and then to C# using Instant C# with minimal fuss.  The tool did a good job of leaving markers as to what I had to fix as well."

– Jay Hilyard, Best-selling author and a contributing author for MSDN Magazine on C# and the CLR

"If not for Tangible's Instant C# and Instant VB code conversion tools, I might still be sitting here pounding out the dual C# and VB samples used throughout the book."

– Julie Lerman, Best-selling author

"The NBC Olympics IT staff and I have had the pleasure of dealing with the top-notch technical staff at Tangible Software Solutions for the last 7 years. They have consistently provided us with superior technical support and quick problem resolution at a level befitting NBC's demanding and fast-paced environment. Tangible Software Solutions is an outstanding software company and I highly recommend them to any IT professional."

– Craig Lau, Vice President, Information Technology
NBC Olympics Inc.

"When we started porting Red Hat Enterprise Virtualization Manager from C# to Java, we didn't expect to find a tool that could help us automate the process. Tangible's converter has allowed us to reach a level of conversion we feel comfortable with in order to continue developing in C# while automating our weekly rebasing of the C# code to Java. The nature of automatic conversion has allowed us to keep reporting issues and getting patched versions for new issues, or for issues we found much later during the testing period. We have been very pleased by how quickly patches are available for these reported issues."

– Itamar Heim, Director, Software Engineering
Red Hat, Inc.

"As a VB.NET programmer for over 15 years I occasionally purchase libraries and projects in C# that I need to integrate into other solutions. The Instant VB Converter is an amazing addition to my toolbox and when I reported a problem with a project it couldn’t convert the guys issued a new build (literally within a couple of hours) and got me up and running again. Brilliant customer service and I recommend them and their product to any developer."

– Nick Bird, CEO, Busybird Developments

"I have tried many of the online conversion services over the years and for converting the odd snippet from C# to VB.NET they work okay. But when you want to convert a whole project, or more complicated code then nothing works as well as Instant VB. And the support received is absolutely first class, whenever an area of code is not converted they work out why, they advise what you need to change and they update Instant VB so it converts it the next time.

Fantastic product, fantastic support, I would highly recommend Tangible Software Solutions for anyone who needs to convert code accurately."

– Darren Rose, PC Assist @ Home

"Tangible Software Solutions' Java to C# converter delivers exactly what it promises; a clean, fast and to the point code conversion from Java to C#. We couldn't be happier with the support we received from Tangible Software Solutions. Issues we reported or features we requested were usually fixed or delivered within a day or two. Because of its support and simplicity in use, any project that is tasked with tackling code conversion should give this product a try."

– The Dev Team from Blueriq

"I started to create new Refactoring’s’/Diagnostics/Analyzers I found key pieces of codes was only provided in C#. At first it was fairly easy and any of the many 3rd party converters worked and I usually only needed to translate a few lines. But as my code got closer to a solution I found more and more code using C# features only available in C# 6 (VS 2015) line NameOf and all the other converters failed with the exception of Instant VB Converter.

I ran in many cases like adding events handlers that broke most converters, at first even the Instant VB Converter. I reported specific issues to Tangible Software Solutions and I had a fix within hours. Usually I only convert very few likes of code (one function) at a time and then test but with Event Handlers you need to convert much bigger pieces of code. After Tangible Software Solutions fixed my basic issues my example still did not port 100% and someone at the company educated my about porting bigger chunks and I was able to get everything ported with very little work.

As I got deeper into the adding new original features I found that parts of the Roslyn/VS 2015 needed to support VB was actually not working, for example if you want to add a menu to a Visual Studio Extension written in VB the C# compiler is used to compile it which yields some very strange error messages that make no sense, or Enum values were missing or different between C# and VB in Roslyn and the Roslyn team turned out to be helpful in sorting out these issues and many will be fixed in Update 1 and all should be fixed in Update 2.

I highly recommend Instant VB Converter because in my opinion it is the only one I have found that really does translate 100% of current C# code to VB with the smallest amount or rework necessary. At this point I have ported several reasonably large Open Source projects from C# to VB and extremely satisfied with how easy it is."

– Paul M Cohen, Owner
Travel by Paul

"Tangible Software Solutions' C# to C++ Converter was instrumental in accelerating and porting Monaco from Microsoft XNA to our custom, native engine, the Rapid Fire Engine. We believe that the tool alone saved around 20-30% hand-conversion time and allowed us to move onto more critical issues on the Xbox 360 SKU.

In our case, we had to deal with special/esoteric C# features that the tool didn't handle. However, Tangible Software Solutions were amazing at adding those features and turning them around quickly! I've never encountered professional software where the developer went out of their way to implement critical features that we needed immediately. While other customers surely benefited from these additions/changes, they were tailor made to our needs. Tangible Software Solutions' support is top notch."

– Matt Shores, CEO
Empty Clip Studios

"Being what some might describe as a luddite I have always preferred working in Visual Basic because it’s a language I know well and whilst I can read C# there are little nuances in that that still catch me out. Almost without exception the majority of resources that explain the intricacies of WPF and MVVM are written using C# as examples. I’d tried online converters but quite frankly most have flaws. What I needed was something that would give me good accurate translations of whole projects allowing me to truly understand what was going on. To say that Instant VB was a revelation would be something of an understatement. For the first time I was able to take example projects ranging from a few hundred to a few hundred thousand lines of code, run them through Instant VB and have a converted project (generally useable first time to boot) in a matter of seconds to at the most I’ve ever had to wait a little over three minutes. By any stretch of the imagination that’s impressive.

However the truly outstanding feature about using this product (and indeed its companion Instant C#) is the level of support that Tangible Software Solutions offer. Several of the projects that I needed to convert as I developed an understanding of WPF and MVVM involved the use of Linq. This is one area where C# and VB can be very different in the way they treat Linq and Lambda expressions. I was fortunate enough to be on very good terms with one of the developers who had written some of the projects that I was converting from C# to VB. When initial translations failed in this area I was able to ask what in fact should be happening. Armed with that I was able to email Tangible Software Solutions’ support to explain what had happened and usually within a matter of hours I would receive an email back to say that they had identified and fixed the issue and that a rebuild of the product was ready to be downloaded and used. There is no other software vendor I’ve used that offers such phenomenal support. Even the odd little suggestions I’ve made about tweaking the UI have been listened to, considered and more often than not acted upon the same day and incorporated into a new build.

Thanks to Instant C# I’ve now been able to gain a much better understanding of C#. I can write code in the language I love to work in and crucially, understand, run it through Instant C# and see results that work. As a result my ability to read C# off the page has improved dramatically and I no longer shy away from good reference books where the example code is all C#.

For anyone who needs to convert code on a regular basis (or even one large one off job) Instant VB and Instant C# are without doubt the best translation tools on the market. It goes without saying that they’ll save you a staggering amount of time, but they’re also educational. Very few programmers are truly bi-lingual most having a distinct preference. Tangible Software Solutions’ converters are a fantastic aid to actually gaining a deeper insight into a language that you’re perhaps not as familiar with and in the process a better insight into good coding practices which I’m sure no one would argue as being anything other than beneficial. Instant VB and Instant C# are two tools I would not consider being without, and quite frankly no self-respecting programmer ought to be without them either."

– Dom Sinclair, Owner
View To Learn

"For our product, LEADTOOLS, we create hundreds of sample programs that our customers can use to learn our toolkit.  Instant VB allows us to create samples one time in C#, and then almost instantly convert the code to VB.NET.  This allows us to quickly, easily and inexpensively provide samples for both our C# and VB.NET users.  Using Instant VB, we are able to convert sample programs that took days to create in C# over to VB.NET in a matter of seconds."

– Ike Starnes, Engineering Manager
LEAD Technologies

"Instant VB is THE best C#-VB converter tool that we've found. We're using it to convert our samples and reference applications to provide code in both C# and VB, and it saves us a ton of time."

– J. Ambrose Little, User Experience Group Lead
Infragistics, Inc.

"Working with Tangible Software Solutions has been far and away the best experience I've ever had with a software vendor. I'm completely blown away by both the quality of Instant C#, and the responsiveness of your support team. I threw thousands of lines of code at the tool, and was amazed at how it successfully converted many of the most complex constructs. Perhaps more importantly, it handled its limitations intelligently, leaving the source code in tact and inserting helpful comments, allowing me to manually complete the remaining tasks with minimal effort and a very high degree of confidence.

I compared Instant C# with other conversion tools, and not only is it head-and-shoulders above the rest in functionality, but you also clearly have a support and development team that is passionate about what you do, and was willing to go way above and beyond my expectations to enhance the tool to meet our needs. Virtually every suggestion I made for improvement was implemented and made available within days, or even hours, and the fact that you were able to do this without breaking any existing functionality indicates to me that you have built quality into your software architecture from the ground up.

Working with you felt like a partnership, and I found myself excitedly checking my email each day looking for the latest updates! The final version is truly phenomenal. You have eliminated virtually all the manual work, so that converting our entire codebase will be almost completely painless. Thank you!"

– Jeremy Bull, Principal Software Engineer
GE Healthcare

"Conversions are difficult. For whatever reason you are finding yourself in the same situation I did where perfectly good code is required in a different language. What are you to do? Rewrite and risk reintroducing bugs that have been ironed out over numerous years of development or use a conversion tool as a basis and end up maintaining 2 sets of code. It wasn't until we found Tangible that we discovered the 3rd Option. Their C++ to C# Converter is so good that we can maintain and enhance our C++ libraries and periodically convert to C#. Post conversion tasks are minimal. Also as other users have already found out with Tangible solutions you come for the conversion but you stay for the product support. Tangible are a credit to themselves and the industry for their wonderful products and second to none product support. Thank you Tangible!"

– Donn Delaney, Software Architect

"At STI, we were looking for a conversion tool that accurately and efficiently could be used to migrate VB.NET to C# code and discovered Instant C# at an IT forum.  After reviewing some of the stated features, we decided to purchase the tool and to put it to a major test.  The initial results exceeded our expectations.  While working with the tool, we discovered some issues in need of attention which was forwarded to Instant C# Support and again we were pleasantly surprised over the vendor's effectiveness and speed in upgrading the software and releasing new builds.  Instant C# is a powerful tool that has proven to be a great time saver for our Company."

– Krishna kumar Natarajan, Lead Architect
Solution Technology International, Inc.

"We were required to convert vendor supplied code from C# to VB in order to meet our clients' internal software standards.  The team was newly trained in VB.NET and knew nothing about C#.  After investigating various web and client translators, Instant VB from Tangible Software Solutions won hands-down.  Its speed, ease of use, and accuracy (it even offers suggestions if it can't directly translate complex code) was greater than its competitors.  Technical Support was responsive through email and phone when we were in the product evaluation phase of the product and this level of support carried through to the development of our project.  In short:  If you're converting from C# to VB.NET, Instant VB IS the tool for your project."

– Mark Worden, Software Engineer

"I have found Tangible's C++ to VB a real time saver. As a small firm we don't have lots of programmers who know lots of languages so we center on VB. Yet many code examples come to us in C++. Tangible's product flawlessly translates the C++ to VB for us to get a jump start on new projects and improvements for our customers. It lets us surprise our customers by delivering before a promised due date. Many thanks to the Chefs at Tangible."

– Brooke Aker, CEO
Acuity Software

"I use both C# to C++ Converter and VB to C++ Converter for converting snippets from books, the web, MSDN, help documentation, etc. but for this purpose the products have proved invaluable already and were money well spent. I have yet to find a piece of code it hasn't converted for me."

– Steve Marsden, Director
Conquest Ltd.

"I tried a bunch of different stuff, and Instant VB is the only thing I've found so far that really works. Most conversion processes are fairly straightforward and some of the free tools work ok, but there are enough interesting details that can cause loss of fidelity and a lot of wasted time fixing things by hand. Sure, you can compile the source and reverse engineer it with Reflector, but you lose all your variable names and often get weird control flow interpretations. That all requires significant manual rework too. The demo is free. What do you have to lose?"

– Joe Kaplan
Co-author of "The .NET Developer's Guide to Directory Services Programming"

"Wow, I am stupefied!!!  Thank you very much.  Your excellent support has me totally amazed.  I am especially in awe of you (and your peers) for your commitment to customer satisfaction.  Instant C# has now become an indispensable component of my developer tool-kit.  The tool works great."

– Nik Kayyani, CEO
Speerio, Inc.

"Instant VB has saved me countless hours in converting C# code to Visual Basic. While developing software for my infrastructure in support of my company to sell software to raise funds for prostate cancer research, I often look to the development community for code snippets or even modules that can help me accomplish a given task. Many times this code is only available in C# which I would like to convert to VB so that I can understand the code better. Instant VB has performed extremely well for me. I have over 35 years of experience in software development and I think I know a good product when I see one. Instant VB is one."

– Ron Clarke
DGC Solutions

"One of the services we offer at Penderdene Business Solutions is to help rescue IT projects that have drifted from their original goals.  We work for a number of multi-site and multi-national companies, and typically we come across single projects built using a variety of different languages and technologies.  One of our first jobs is to rationalize everything, where possible, to a single language.  We do this in order to streamline support requirements and to maximize the productivity of all the staff working on the project.  A typical combination is to find projects where some of the code is written in VB and some in C#. The projects can be quite large and converting from one language to another is not as straightforward as one might be led to believe.  We evaluated a number of tools which claim to be able to convert from VB to C# and the difference in capabilities is quite alarming. 

Instant C# stood head and shoulders above the rest.  The speed and accuracy of the conversion alone was very impressive.  More so, however, was the implementation of advanced code optimization techniques which we simply did not expect to see in a tool of this type.  For example, Instant C# was able to detect where a variable was only being used in a For ... Next loop and declared it locally in its C# equivalent.  New comments were inserted by Instant C# so that we could see exactly what was going on.

After we had purchased Instant C#, we came across a bug when it was trying to convert a particularly badly written piece of VB code.  We sent the offending code fragment to Tangible Software Solutions and were happy to receive an acknowledgement of the problem within minutes.  We were delighted and surprised, however, to receive a fix that same afternoon. 

We simply have to recommend Tangible Software Solutions based on the quality of the product and the exceptional technical support which is often lacking in such tool providers.  Instant C# is a first class product that has saved us and our clients hundreds of hours of work. If you are looking for a conversion tool, you really need look no further!"

– Paul Miller, Managing Director
Penderdene Business Solutions

"Instant VB is an excellent product that has already saved us weeks of work and paid for itself in the first day."

– Timm Martin, President/CTO

"I converted a production application for my client, a highly successful software vendor in the petroleum industry.  Instant VB performed very well for this task.  None of the other tools I've seen even come close.  In particular, the free translation tools are toys that merely cover the obvious syntax.  There's a great deal more you have to do to successfully translate production code, and Instant VB does it.  Tangible Software Solutions have clearly invested a lot of development effort to accomplish this (and acquired deep expertise in the process).

The other thing that has made this tool so valuable is the quick and friendly support I have received.  It's impossible to cover everything in advance; though C# and VB.NET are closely related, any complex conversion is going to unearth a few arcane incompatibilities, and ours was no exception.  But every stumbling block we encountered was met with a quick response and if necessary a new build, often in the same day.  Without that exceptional level of support, our project wouldn't have gone nearly as smoothly."

– Daniel Gackle, Software Developer
NewLevel Solutions

"I found Instant C# while doing searches on the web to find out what VB to C# converters were available.  After looking at your site and visiting several others I choose Instant C# for several reasons: 

  1. "Tangible Software Solutions appeared to be a "real company" as opposed to someone working out of their garage.  That implied that if we had a problem we could get reliable and timely tech support. 

  2. When navigating your website I found a page which showed that your most recent build of Instant C# was only about 5 days old on the day I was doing my research – I found this to be impressive.  It meant that you were constantly improving your product. 

  3. I downloaded the Demo version and found it easy to use and very quick to convert code. 

  4. I visited many discussion boards on the topic of converting VB to C# and without exception your product was a) the most mentioned and b) the most praised for ease of use and tech support response."

– Stephan Roth, Senior Software Developer
Chatham Financial

"Instant VB was a real life saver!  We had a project that was nearly complete, but written in C#.  The client insisted on having the code in VB.Net.  After stressing about how long the conversion was going to take, I searched Google for C# to VB.Net converters and yours was a 'Sponsored Link' at the top of the list.  I downloaded the trial version, tested it on some small files and was pleased with the results.  I was stunned when I ran it on our 250 file web project and it ran in about a minute!  After reviewing the notes and manually changing the 2 or 3 pieces of code that couldn't be converted automatically, I was able to successfully build and run the project.  Overall, the entire conversion process took about 30 minutes rather than days!  Thanks for developing such a helpful tool."

– Michael Sanders, Architect

"Our software company, Cox, Smith & Associates, Inc., recently switched from VB.NET to C# and had an application with about 34,000 lines of code that needed to be converted to C#.  Instant C# converted the entire project in about 5 minutes.  I was very surprised and impressed with the results.  There is no telling how many days or weeks it would have taken to do this manually.  Thanks for a great product!"

– George Cox, Developer
Cox, Smith & Associates, Inc.

"We tried several C# to VB.NET free converters before buying Instant VB, and the results perfectly met our expectations!  Instant VB is not only able to translate C# code to VB.NET, but the resulting converted project is a new, ready-to-use, VB.NET project.  We found some conversions problem in a very complex C# project, and the guys at Tangible Software Solutions immediately worked to solve all the issues.  Tangible's Technical Support always responded to our support emails within a few hours and instantly released new builds of their product meeting our requirements!  Technical Support from Tangible Software Solutions is extremely fast, precise, collaborative, reliable and courteous.  It's a pleasure to work with Tangible Software Solutions!"

– Antonella DM, Development Team Software Engineer
Naxos Development (Italy)

"My company Object Innovations develops courseware teaching modern programming technologies such as .NET, Java and XML. Thus I develop a great many example programs in C# and VB.NET. I used to convert them manually, but now with Instant VB, I develop only the C# version, and truly "instantly" get the corresponding VB.NET program. I purchased the complete product, and some of the projects exceed 500 lines, and the product worked perfectly in accomplishing the conversions. I've used Instant C# as well with equal success. While I was evaluating the products I had occasion to contact technical support and was impressed with their responsiveness."

– Bob Oberg, President
Object Innovations

"I recently downloaded a trial version of Instant C#, as I need to convert a large application from VB.NET to C#.  Having already tried another product and given up on it, I was immediately impressed with Instant C#. I found that I did not convert whole projects at a time, but I did convert large snippets of code and Instant C# does a great job of that with its snippet conversion window. I would highly recommend Instant C# to anyone with any volume of code to convert or rewrite. Since I am a developer of Developer Tools myself, I expect tools to do what they are advertised to do and Instant C# does just that."

– Les Smith
Partner at KnowDotNet.com
Developer of NetRefactor, NetCommander, CSharpCompleterPlus,
VBCommander, VBXref

"We used Instant VB to convert a large C# project (500+ modules) to VB.NET.  The quality of the converted code was very good and we simply could not have achieved a successful conversion without Instant VB. The Tangible Software Solutions support staff was very responsive to a few problems we encountered and always evidenced a great willingness to help."

– Tom Kopcik, MCSD, MCDBA, MCT
Software Engineer/Trainer
Pineland Technology Solutions, Inc.

"Instant C# surpasses all expectations, converting any VB.NET code that is thrown at it quickly and dependably.  When making the transition from VB to C# as my primary development language, Instant C# served as a great learning tool.  Now it is a tremendous time saver, enabling me to convert my older VB.NET code to C# in no time at all.  Instant C# seems to be able to process any code, including complex Interop declarations. I highly recommend this software."

– Scott Waletzko, President
Skystone Software

"We have converted more than 500,000 lines of code in less than a week using Instant C#.  Instant C# is an excellent tool for converting class libraries and a great tool for converting user interface code.  We are also impressed by the quick and responsive support."

– Viktor Edlund
Fleet 101 AB

"I finally got around to seriously using Instant VB.  I'm aghast at how nice the tool is.  I just converted a solution with 5 projects, a number of winforms, and quite a bit of code.  Normally that would take me the better part of a day (or longer).  This took less than 10 minutes, and went without a single hitch. (It even handled my code that removes event handlers, etc.).   I _love_ the Converter.  I do lots of code conversion for articles, demos, and other projects, so I've needed a quality converter for quite some time now.  Instant VB not only addresses those needs, but makes converting entire projects painless.  Consider me VERY impressed."

– Michael K. Campbell, Technical Evangelist
OverAchievers Production

"Instant VB works like a charm.  I have been struggling hard to interpret C# to VB.NET myself and could not just do it.  Instant VB converted my C# project successfully in some seconds.  I just wanted to let you know that your product is impeccable and I would recommend it to all my friends."

– N. Ranganathan, GIS Architect

"I just wanted to say how impressed I am with both the product itself and the incredible level of support that you deliver.  I've never had such prompt and helpful support from any other software vendor so thank you.  Instant VB has saved me literally hours of work and was well worth the investment.  I'm fairly sure I've already recouped the money within a few days of purchasing this."

– Martin Pritchard, Proprietor

"A few weeks ago, I found on the Internet a great C# project I wanted to use with my VB.NET application. I bought Instant VB because I don't know the C# syntax/language. The conversion took only a few seconds (about 500 lines of code to convert) and I had to correct only 1 or 2 errors after the conversion. I tried the other C# to VB.NET converters before Instant VB and yours is really the best."

– Jack Gallager, Network Administrator
Geneva, Switzerland

"AWESOME work.  Keep it up, you make good programmers look GREAT!"

– Sean Sliwinski, VP of IT
Capture Resource, Inc.

"Instant VB worked perfectly and saved me dozens of hours with a small C# to VB conversion project that I had.  I will be keeping this tool in my list of frequently used tools and will recommend it to anyone with a similar need."

– Karl Costenbader, President
Competent Technologies, Inc.

"I went shopping for a VB.NET -> C# translator and found a positive reference for Instant C# in some IT blog.  When I visited their site, I noticed that Tangible Software Solutions offers a money-back guarantee for Instant C#.  Having nothing to lose, I gave it a whirl.  The results were outstanding.  In just two days, I converted 50,000 lines of VB.NET to C#.  I mean that my entire ASP.NET application was up and running.  And 99% of my conversion time was spent adjusting my code to the superior rigor of C#.  I appreciated the comments that Instant C# inserted wherever there might be ambiguity.  For me, purchasing Instant C# was a no-brainer."

– Carl Kelley, President
WinMetrics Corporation

"Stuck for a VB sample?  Use the C# one and Instant VB!"

– Crispin Horsfield
Caz Limited

"Instant C# has been an exceptional time saver for BV Software. We were able to translate almost 100,000 lines of code in a day and offer a C# version of our BV Commerce software in just a few weeks. We looked at several other translation products and Instant C# was able to correctly handle tough challenges that other products failed to convert."

– Marcus McConnell, President
BV Software

"Instant VB is a lifesaver!  We have tried several language conversion programs, and nearly all of them had major drawbacks and/or limitations.  We were faced with manually converting/fixing code after the conversion process which took us a couple days.  Now, Instant VB on the other hand has been the ONLY product that we have used that successfully translates our 200K+ C# lines into VB.NET code properly.  It now takes us about 5 minutes to do a complete conversion, recompile, and run.  Also, customer service and attention to bug fixes is top rate. We would highly recommend using Instant VB."

– Robert Brainard, President

"We are pleased with Instant C#'s conversion results, as the conversion has stayed very faithful to the original code."

– Kathleen Legako, Chief Technology Officer
Pardalis Software Inc.

"I first heard about Instant VB from searching the web for conversion utilities.  I tried numerous demos but always had problems.  When I used your demo, it worked perfectly.  I've converted several projects with barely an error, there is usually one or two errors that I have to fix, typically for a data type or something pretty simple.  Instant VB is a great product."

– Michael Carter, IT Consultant

"I immediately converted 3 full projects which instantly saved me weeks of tedious line by line conversion.  I simply could not have converted my projects without Instant C#.  This utility is sweet!"

– David Ortinau, Senior Web Developer
BEMAS Software, Inc.

"The support at Tangible Software Solutions really was what made this application stand out versus the competitors.  They were extremely responsive to both the technical challenges and enhancement requests to make our conversion a success.  We have converted thousands of lines of code from VB.NET to C# in a production environment and are very pleased with Instant C#."

– Daryl White, Principal Software Engineer
Providus Software Solutions

"We used Instant C# to convert a 21 class/module project and the results were great. All of the errors we found were attributed to coding practices allowable in VB but not C# (mostly implicit conversions). The project we converted contained over 8300 lines of code and we had all of the errors cleaned up within a matter of hours. The time saved by not doing the conversion manually was well worth the price of Instant C#. We will definitely use it to convert our other programs that were written in VB.NET. Your team has done a great job. Congratulations."

– David Burkinshaw, Senior Software Engineer
Perimeter Technology

"About 12 months ago our team began the process of bringing a legacy product into the world of Dot Net. This product was in VB6 and COM..  I have a background in C++ and other lower level languages so dot net was a real reach for me.  I purchased the Instant C# product after I did some long hard research on conversions and Instant C# is the only one that was/is consistent and predictable.  These are the two most important concerns at my level.  My use has been mostly during my immersion into Dot Net as a learning tool.  I have gotten more education by using Instant C# to convert from VB.NET to C# to see the implications, than I could have gotten in 2 years of classrooms. *(Also dang handy as a quick check to make sure the VB code meets good coding practices)

Our flagship product is a solution containing both C# and VB.NET projects - during my testing and search for a conversion utility I converted all to C# and tested to see how much work was needed to make it compile.  Consistently, Instant C# is minimal intervention and consistently it makes the same kinds of decisions in the same ways so I don't feel like I am firing a shotgun at it.  For the Architect / Project Manager, Instant C# fits like a glove as consistency and predictability are the two most important attributes in our world.  Like I say I was/am impressed."

– Robert Dunlap, Architect
The Moreland Group, Inc.

"I made the right choice!  Before I purchased Instant C#, I did a lot of research on the Web and either called or sent email to several companies' Technical Support.  Most companies only have voice mail; some companies replied to my email one or two days later.  Only Instant C# provides truly responsive Technical Support to support you instantly – I tried it, it works great!  I would rate them five stars out of five."

– Shao Wang, Database Developer
Queens-Long Island Medical Group

"Instant C# saved me many, many hours of code conversion time.  It does a very accurate job and only required minimal manual tweaks on the converted code.

– Joshua Schlesinger, IS Specialist
Avalon Risk Management Inc.

"I scoured the Internet for products that would translate VB code to C#.  I finally stumbled upon Instant C# and gave it a try.  I was VERY impressed and purchased the software.  I've used it extensively now and haven't regretted my decision."

– Aaron Rhoads, Project Manager
East Watch, LLC

"I have just started using Instant C# and am quite pleased.  Our company produces software for a very narrow market of the HVAC industry.  Some of our products are components.  We customarily work in VB6 and VB.NET.  When we discovered the self-documenting features of C# we decided this would be a better choice for components.  Having no experience with a curly braces language we set out to learn a bit about C# and give it a try.  Fortunately we caught an article about Instant C# and gave it a try. 

We tried the demo first and found the product simple to use.  It produced code that immediately ran in C#.  We especially like the comments it adds to the C# code explaining why certain actions have been taken.  And the snippet converter is huge for someone just learning C#.  Of course we did have a few start-up questions, some dumb some other wise, and found tech support to be responsive.  We are glad we purchased Instant C#."

– Jim Judge, PE, Owner
Linric Company

"Instant C# works very well and is a great time saver! The leg up provided by this conversion tool has saved me literally hundreds of hours already. By using Instant C# I have recently succeeded in moving an entire web-site from VB.NET to C#.net code base. This conversion effort has got to be on the order of a few tens of thousands of lines of code; and I don't think I would have even attempted to do this work without Instant C#. It is a Great tool and I'm glad I found it!"

– Michael Swartzendruber, Owner
Bitsware LLC

"Overall, Instant C# is a great tool for the money.  It takes most of the tedium of syntax converting out and leaves you with code that, for the most part, will just run.  Another thing that I have really liked is that, during the first year of owning it, you are under a support contract.  If you therefore see something that didn't work just right or wanted assistance on why something happened, you can send in the question/bug and within weeks or even days, you will have a new version waiting for you when you come in.  Tangible Software Solutions is very easy to work with and they value feedback.  This is a great tool to have in your bag of tricks."

– Troy B. Stauffer, Enterprise Architect
Four Corners IT

"Instant C# is just the product we were looking for.  Your team clearly has an advanced understanding of some of the more annoying differences between VB.NET and C#."

– Daren Cole
CSharpNuke Project

"Instant C# is an excellent product to convert from VB.NET to C#.  I am interested in a good VB.NET to C# converter and your product seems to be the most complete."

– Claude Noel, Senior Developer
Tech-Noel, Inc.

"Your 100-line demo impressed me a lot because I threw in a few random 100-line VB snippets and they converted *perfectly*.  Now that I needed to convert entire projects rather than just a module here and there, I decided I'd want to purchase the full version.  I think it's an awesome piece of software."

– Steve Edwards, Independent Contractor

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