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Download the latest version of any of our converters below.

Our converters run on 64-bit Windows, version 7 SP1 or later. You may be prompted to install the .NET Desktop Runtime. If your machine uses an ARM processor, then you will need Windows 11 to allow x64 emulation.

Without a license, conversion output is limited to 100 lines per file (no limit on the number of files).

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Convert Between VB.NET and C#

Instant C# (VB.NET to C#)  

Instant VB (C# to VB.NET)  

Convert Between Java and C#

Java to C# Converter  

C# to Java Converter  

Convert Between C# and C++

C# to C++ Converter  

C++ to C# Converter  

Convert Between Java and C++

Java to C++ Converter  

C++ to Java Converter  

Convert Between VB.NET and C++

VB to C++ Converter (VB.NET to C++)  

C++ to VB Converter (C++ to VB.NET)  

Convert Between VB.NET and Java

VB to Java Converter (VB.NET to Java)  

Java to VB Converter (Java to VB.NET)  

Convert to Python

Java to Python Converter  

C++ to Python Converter  

C# to Python Converter  

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