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C++ to C# Converter produces great C# code, saving you hours of painstaking work and valuable time.

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Q:   Are the original C++ files altered in any way?

Your existing code is left completely intact.  The new C# files are written to the new location that you specify.

Q:   What is the conversion accuracy?

Our accuracy is the highest in the industry, but there will be significant adjustments required for all but the most trivial conversions.  C++ code is much more complex than C# code, so there are no direct equivalents for many aspects of C++.  Read the rest of the FAQ to get an idea of a few things that are not converted.  C++ to C# Converter is intended to reduce the amount of work you'll have to do to convert code to C#, but it is just the first step.  Code that is heavily dependent on pointer manipulation is better left in C++.

Q:   What about function pointers?

C++ to C# Converter converts function pointer typedefs to delegates.

Q:   What about MFC and ATL resources?

C++ to C# Converter does not convert MFC or ATL resources.

Q:   What about STL Containers?

C++ to C# Converter converts most references to std::vector, std::map, std::set, std::list, std::queue, and std::stack.  A few methods of these containers that have no equivalent are not converted.

Q:   Is C++/CLI code converted?


Q:   What are the most common adjustments necessary after conversion?

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