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C++ to Python Converter

C++ to Python Converter produces a high-quality C++ to Python conversion, saving you hours of painstaking work and valuable time.

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Q:   Are the original C++ files altered in any way?

Your existing code is left completely intact.  The new Python files are output to the new location that you specify.

Q:   What version of C++ is converted?

We attempt to convert as much as possible and are continually updating the converter to handle newer C++ features. However, many new C++ features have no Python equivalent so the output will require adjustments.

Q:   What is the conversion accuracy?

Our accuracy is very high, but there will be significant adjustments required for all but the most trivial conversions.  There are no direct equivalents for some aspects of C++.  Read the rest of the FAQ to get an idea of a few things that are not converted.  C++ to Python Converter is intended to reduce the amount of work you'll have to do to convert code to Python, but it is just the first step.

You should not attempt to convert code that is heavily dependent on pointer arithmetic or template metaprogramming since these features are only practical in C++.

Q:   What about STL Containers?

C++ to Python Converter converts references to some STL container types, such as std::vector. The containers that have no clear equivalent are not converted.

Q:   Is C++/CLI code converted?

No. Despite the name, C++/CLI has very little in common with C++.

Q:   What about C++ UI code?

The converter does not convert C++ UI types due to the lack of similarity between these types and Python UI types.

Q:   Are Python type hints included?

The converter has an option to include Python type hints.

Q:   What are the most common adjustments necessary after conversion?

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